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Song Cycle Kodachrome

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matt davis, complex personage

Room Music

An Oaken Table with Oaken Chairs
Sits inhabited by throes of Imagination.
They converse, they watch,
they wonder at the wetness of the Rain.

Neon Ice-Cream Cone leans agains the corner,
comtemplating the ripples in his creamy cheeks.
Beside him Day Lily sings,
and provides a sweet aroma to her company.

Napkin Holder watches both sides of the table,
asking Pepper why Salt is so tart,
and telling Salt that Pepper can be a little
hot-headed at times.

Coffee Mug sits ceramically,
placing oh so carefully a ring of satin stain
on the table’s shiny finish.

Soda-Pop sits empty,
wanting just a small amount
of gratification from a silky pair of lips.

Sugar pouts nearby,
lost in his self-pity,
watching his reflection
in the table’s shiny finish.

String-Puppet hangs
from the ceiling,
watching it all
and wondering,
is this real?

I travel light

I travel light,
myself and my pack.
Through forests of dreams
and fields of cotton
we walk.

There are theives
that climb atop my pack,
little sprites and spirits:
they give sometimes,
but mostly take.

There are points
along our travel
when I look upon
my weathered sack
and all I've left
is a song.

For Sight

            Echoes bound from Future
        turning endlessly upon his back,
    and hit with stunning accuracy
the gem of worry.

As Dusk

See me no more
  The sky no longer stares
    In rainy contemplation
      At the bolemic earth below.

Words and phrases mean nothing.
  Tell us your thoughts.


Sunburst in scarlet.