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Craque(Mattic) is Matt(Davis)

Just as at home with analog synthesizer electronics as with Infrastructure as Code, he finds joy in operating inherently chaotic complex systems. His expertise brings to bear a variegated background including data-center operations, storage hardware and distributed databases, IT security, site reliability, support services, observability systems, and techops leadership.

With degrees in music performance and composition, Matt has a passion for exploring the relationships between the artistic mind and operating distributed software architectures. This is reflected in his subjects for technology talks and his musical output, both of which seek out diverse ways to introspect and learn from our adaptive universe; most recently at SoCal Linux Expo, Sparklecon VII, RE:Deploy, Disney JETA, Music City Tech, and QCon NY.

Look for his writings on music, technology, and philosophy here at Sounding.


Most craque releases happen on bandcamp.

A lot of the material from the old Soundcloud page ended up here as well. These types of non-release/pre-release/live-performance things currently happen on Twitch / YouTube.


Travels through improvisational music and emergent sound is what you’ll find streaming on variability in response. Often performed on a combination of homemade instruments, DIY synthesizers, modular synth, vinyl records, fully analogue gear, small percussion, and sampled objects.


My YouTube channel is updated directly after each variability in response stream and also contains things like demos and other video experiments.

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