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Networking ideas at Ramp

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matt davis, complex personage

Liz Revision, aka Quantazelle has a new DJ residency at Ramp Chicago, a monthly night at Sonotheque featuring “ambient, IDM, electro and quirky, glitchy techno.” Yes, good music remains alive in Chi-town!!!

Congrats first off to Liz for the residency! If you know her music but don’t know her jewelry design, check out the goods at Fractalspin. I like them because she does similar things with jewelry that I’ve applied so some of my sculpture.

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This is also interesting because they’re hosting a ‘demo swap meet’ as their July installment. I think this is a great way to build community and get the people who really care about music into the same room!

The Demo Swap edition of Ramp Chicago is July 17.