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Appearing in variety…
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Audiobulb has released a free sampler of music from eight artists on the label, including a track off Supple (see post below), subtly arranged and expertly mixed by label owner David Newman.
Craque: Gamma out now on Test Tube
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October brought many exciting things for me, including not only a new job, but also a new album that I’m very excited about.
Craque: “Tekuchesti” out now on Constanta
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I’m very happy to announce the release of a project I did this summer called Tekuchesti (a transliteration of текучести, which is a Russian word meaning “fluidity”), a piece in shuffle time for listeners and improvisers.
New Release: Material
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Since this release came out while my blog was unavailable, thought I would shout it out that a new Craque album called Material is available on Kahvi Collective!
New Releases on Metatron: Joe Zitt, GWME
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Metatron Press has re-released a few more recordings on archive.
New Release: Density Operator
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Behold the appalling beautiful world of Density Operator now available on Stadtgruen.