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Musical Intuition meet Technology and Chaos
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SoundWalk 2011 is coming
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Just in case you missed it, SoundWalk Long Beach 2011 is just around the corner!
Downtempo from the Studio
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I’ve set up a set in Soundcloud called “Downtempo Excursions” to post some sonic paintings created with free improvisation and minimal beats.
New improvisations on SoundCloud
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Freely improvised one-takes.
Metatron Press releases Gray Code on
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Metatron Press (the website is slightly outdated, but not necessarily incorrect) has started a netlabel archive, posting releases formerly available only on CDR, as well as more new stuff to come.
New on CraqueCast: Amalgamation
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Starting off the new year with an archival live show: Amalgamation: Live at Smartbar, Chicago, 2002 is a set I did at SmartBar in March of 2002.