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Music in Resilience
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Consider a jazz band you’ve heard or seen live, or really any type of music where improvisation plays an important role.
Anti-Bias of Listening Deeply
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Getting around cognitive biases (like “hindsight is 20/20” or a confirmation you expect) is akin to Listening Deeply.
Musical City Techno
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Cicada, cricket, grasshopper, frog.
Meta Workshop Jam
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Walking late one afternoon after a day deep in Cognitive Systems and Resilience Engineering workshops, chatting with one of the eminent researchers in the field, the conversation circled around common ground in joint activity and sociotechnical systems sharing qualities with music ensembles.
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Plenty of people who work in technology are musicians.
Weirdness of Experiment
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My job in ops has always been to keep things running.
To Build or To Buy, That is the Contradiction.
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It’s dead simple.
Musical Intuition meet Technology and Chaos
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