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Infinite Jest Project @ .microsound
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The .
Experimental Music Links
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I’m usually happening upon all kinds of things while I’m across the Internets for work or play, and I’ll document the more interesting and pertinent ones here on sounding.
Nodal: Generative MIDI software
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There’s a new generative music package out now called Nodal, which uses an object oriented interface that gives composers control over every aspect of MIDI in a string-it-together sort of Max/PD style.
Getting into Circuit-Bending?
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Sound Art at Anti-Theory.
Erotus Records Kickoff Set
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Here’s a live set from the guys at Erotus (Blamstrain’s new label) celebrating its launch, featured in the Viides Uuden Musiikin Festivaali, or “Fifth Festival for New Music”, held in Kupittaanpuisto, Turku, Finland.
Twisted Records now has downloads
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One of my favorite sources for anything psychedelic, Twisted Records has started an online store with digital downloads.
DIY photo-sensitive synth
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I’m excited to be waiting on the arrival of my new Bleep Labs ThingamaKIT.
T Spigot is rearing its burroughsian head once again
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My favorite live downtempo band – T Spigot – is back in action this year, and to start it off they’re offering the limited edition first pressing of Experiments in the Hypnotic Production of Crime, available through paypal for a measly $5, so go get it!