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Seeking Solace through Biography
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After I completed my undergraduate music degree at Virginia Tech, I stayed in Blacksburg for another year because I had no idea what to do with my life.
The Emergent Intuition Engineer
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Excellence in All the Arts # When I took the SAT in high school, I didn’t study.
Reflections on Ambiguity Groove
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Cross-cutting cleavages of terminology between art and science show up daily my work in socio-technical systems.
Practice of Practice Gamelan
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Part of the trepidation of being on-call is encountering unfamiliar emergency scenarios where we are surprised by suddenly not knowing how to do our jobs.
Topamaximum Sound
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One Month Before SCaLE # A virus had just begun its spread.
Put A Brain Pin On It
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Today I was able to re-orient myself quickly to a task through what I am now calling a Brain Pin.
Craque-Mod Noise Toaster
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Why Synth DIY?
Music in Resilience
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Consider a jazz band you’ve heard or seen live, or really any type of music where improvisation plays an important role.
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It’s 909 day so it’s time for a synth post!
Anti-Bias of Listening Deeply
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Getting around cognitive biases (like “hindsight is 20/20” or a confirmation you expect) is akin to Listening Deeply.