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So You Want 10 Albums?

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matt davis, complex personage

Ok Bob. You asked for it. With one caveat.

In no particular order, post 10 of your favorite albums, one per day, which made an impact on you. Post cover, no explanation, nominate someone each day to do the challenge.

I think these games are fascinating windows into peoples’ aesthetic, but because of FB’s sorting and selection criteria, I see maybe TWO of a particular friend’s ten-albums-once-per-day series. So, if I am taking the time to compile, I want to make sure you see them all. Plus I’m all into the cross-platform sharing thing and doing this on my blog helps me spread the word of good music (and keeps me writing). And being a DJ there are plenty of previously posted lists, check out previous blogs for more of my listening habits and recommendations.

One final note: this was fucking hard, and I had to mostly stick with certain genres (I can’t even begin to describe the numbers of vocal music recordings that have influenced me, for example). To cull influential albums down to 10 is worth the challenge alone… indeed, mine goes to 11. It could be an entirely different list tomorrow. Nevertheless, every one of these has a story (and not necessarily musical ones), but in keeping with the guidelines of the challenge, they will remain untold… for now. 🙂

Pink Floyd ::: The Dark Side of the Moon
Jethro Tull ::: Stand Up

[Sound Track ::: The Cooler][5]
[Miles Davis ::: Kind of Blue][6]
[Naked City ::: Grand Guignol][7]
[Autechre ::: LP5][8]
[Shpongle ::: Are You Shpongled?][9]
[Peter Gabriel ::: Us][10]
[Squarepusher ::: Selection Sixteen][11]
[Lusine ::: Serial Hodgepodge][12]
[John Cage ::: Sonatas & Interludes for Prepared Piano (Joshua Pierce, piano)][13]