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haven’t i always written techno?

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matt davis, complex personage

As the summer begins its winddown, I’ve found that I’ve been writing some interesting beat-ful music at the same time I’ve been doing completely abstract sound works. It’s fun! Each opens the doors in the other, it’s pretty interesting the way the cross-over happens, and how: even moreso these days, things are sculptural and dimensional.

For long periods of time, I feel vaguely disinterested by dance music. It’s cyclical, and it makes me wonder what my music sounds like. I’ve never had a singular influence, things always become amalgamations of my experience. I never find myself “trying to do something like so-and-so” and rarely ever have a sonic idea in my head prior to composing (it’s happened, but i’m really more of an explorer/improvisor when it comes to expressing things musically – i just allow my subconscious to do the driving), but I always do seem to have a good sense for how it all goes together.