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Nodal: Generative MIDI software

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matt davis, complex personage

There’s a new generative music package out now called Nodal, which uses an object oriented interface that gives composers control over every aspect of MIDI in a string-it-together sort of Max/PD style.

It will work with any MIDI capable synth, software or hardware, which means it works with most anything like Live, GarageBand or Logic as well as your outboard synths. My outboard synths with MIDI are long gone, and I do next to no work with software synths, but it does look interesting.

The whole concept of “generative music” is weird. While I appreciate the removal of the ego in music making to explore new avenues of creation, I haven’t been able to embrace algorithmic composition very easily. And I would spend the time on it, really I would… but doing hardware circuit bending and made instrument improvisation is much more satisfying to me – in the indeterminate sense – than setting up a bunch of programs to do things for me.