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Twisted Records now has downloads

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matt davis, complex personage

One of my favorite sources for anything psychedelic, Twisted Records has started an online store with digital downloads.

Traditionally this has been a “DJ’s label” selling mostly vinyl and CDs of primarily music meant to be spun at a party, but it’s interesting to see them offering things digitally.

It matches up a bit with the direction of some of the music Posford and friends make now, a lot less “fringey” I’d call it – more use of pop elements some might say – not any less worldly but a lot more accessible for the common ear.

So on the one hand, you become less a fan of the music because of elements that you enjoy the music especially for being without, and on the other there is an entire world of ears out there being brought closer to the fringe.

Probably there is a happy medium where experiment solidifies into an entire musical experience, drawing people to different levels and depths but always satisfying.