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The amazing things people say to a DJ

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matt davis, complex personage

I don’t know whether to call this sad or a sign of the times (surely it’s both), but if nothing else it certainly makes me feel on the fringe (of what, I am not sure) moreso than ever.

Now I’ve noticed in particular that girls who come up asking if I take requests don’t listen to my answer and ask if I have this or that, or act surprised that I don’t have anything you can hear on the radio. About half the time they’ll love what I’m playing and just want to know if I have something.

Last night, a well-cleavaged young lass (do groups of friends always send the hottest chick they have at the table to request something from the DJ?) begins asking me questions about what I have to play. Not happy with my answers of “no”, and “not really” and “i don’t play pop music”, she goes on drunkenly about some REALLY GREAT CD they have in their car, but that I wouldn’t be able to play it because I had “this”.

In the most alluring way possible she leans over, cocks her head sideways, motions at the turntable playing tech-house and asks, “So what do you call this anyway?”

I respond, oh this is Dub Taylor.

At first she just nods, and her blonde friend comes up. Ms. Booby Brunette says to her, “oh he can’t play our CD because he only has this Dub Taylor” while pointing at the turntable.

Incredulous, I interrupt… “no no no, this isn’t a dub taylor, this is a TURNTABLE, the MUSIC is dub taylor”

To which they both kind of giggle and flit off.