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CraqueCast: Craque + Viv + Carol

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matt davis, complex personage

The CraqueCast for October/November 2007 features Matt Cooke-Davis (voice, sampled objects and electronics), Carol Genetti (voice) and Viv Corringham (voice) in a three-part free improvisation at The Nervous Center Festival of Electronic Music, Chicago 2002.

Viv is a vocal experimenter from the UK who I met through Pauline Oliveros and the Deep Listening group, and has done some interesting work with ‘walkabout’ listening and binaural recording. Carol is a Chicago-area vocalist who has worked with many other free improvisors and electronic musicians, we met through the improv scene there and were excited to do some collaboration for the Nervous Center.

Three improvs were performed without any rehearsal for a small but exuberant audience in the basement of the Nervous Center. The three of us actually never rehearsed at all, what you hear is the first time any of us had performed together (we did do some pre-show planning the night before to go over technical details).

The music is a fascinating romp. Most of the first two parts features Viv and Carol on voice, and I contributed vocal stuff in the third. During all of the set I am controlling the mixer and effects sends, as well as doing live sampling and amplification of objects (rocks, hand percussion, toys, etc).

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